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Past Events



"Legacy x Growop Paper Drop & Sesh"
6/15/24 // 6pm–10pm
Legacy Glassworks Gallery
2928 Lyndale Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN


5/17-19 2024



"Legacy 420 Crawl"

Date: 4/20/24


20% off everything at both shops and 3 pop up events

Live music at both shops and 3 pop up events

Giveaways and free edibles at both shops and 3 pop up events

More stops the bigger discount you get! 

(can use discount once between 4/20 and 4/27)

1 stop: 20% off

2 stops: 25% off

3 stops: 30% off

4 stops: 40% off

5 stops: 50% off


The following pieces/products will only be eligible for up to 30% discount:

Jenkins x Trevy Metal 

Certo x Renz Craft

Puffco Products 


The following pieces/products will only be eligible for up to 40% discount:

AKM x Sirren

AKM x Disk Tube 

AKM x Salt 

All Aquariust 

AC Infinity 



"Trevy Metal"

Artists: Trevy Metal

Date: 3/23/2024

Location: Legacy Minneapolis Gallery 2928 Lyndale Ave S. Minneapolis MN




 Legacy Cannabis Duluth Grand Opening




-Live Music
11am : Sean Anonymous
1pm: Woodblind
2pm: Jumpsuit
3pm: Robin Hood Was Right
4pm: Baharat
5pm: Feeding Leroy
6pm: Babie Eyes
7pm: SonofMel
8pm: Ian Alexy
9pm: Teague Alexy


 -50% off first 10 in the Door
-30% off all day!


-Free Intro Grow Glass (noon)


-Free Edibles
11am : Cultivated
1pm: Granny's
4pm: BLNCD & Foundry
7pm: Minny Grown
9pm: Crested River


 ** Legacy Glassworks in downtown Duluth has closed downtown and rebranded as Legacy Cannabis and moved to Lincoln Park. 1906 West Superior St, Duluth, MN 55806





"Minneapolis 7 Year Anniversary"

Artists: Ryno, Swissperc, Salt, Sizelove, Takao, GPS

Date: 12/16/2023

Location: Legacy Minneapolis Gallery 2928 Lyndale Ave S. Minneapolis MN



Artists: Rycrafted

Date: 10/27/2023

Location: Legacy Minneapolis Gallery 2928 Lyndale Ave S. Minneapolis MN



"Summer Slurpn 4"

Artists: Toro & Friends

Date: 8/19/2023



"Splash of Color"

Artists: Brandon Martin x Aquariust

Date: 7/29/2023 VIP: 6pm–7pm GA: 7pm–10pm

Location: Legacy Minneapolis Gallery 2928 Lyndale Ave S. Minneapolis MN



"Northern Haze"

Date: 6/30/2023 5pm–10pm

Location: Bent Paddle Taproom & Yard, Duluth MN



"Fish & Forest Management"

Date: 6/16/2023 12pm–5pm

Glass Artists: Chad G x Trapper

Location: Keller Regional Park (Shelter 3)




Date: 5/20/2023

Glass Artists: Brandon Martin, AAA, Technicks, Groe, E. Ross, Matt A, Spiggity, Renz, Jfell, Congruent, Sammy Flowers

Visual Artists: Barrett Lee, Zach Julen, Eli Libson, Ana Benson, Ensue, Groe

Location: Indeed Brewery Minneapolis, MN



"Enjoy Glass"

Date: 3/25/2023

Time: 6PM–10PM

Location: Minneapolis Gallery - 2928 Lyndale Ave S. 

Featured Glass Artist: Kurt B

Featured Visual Artist: Paintings by Brandon



"Friends You Oughta Know"

Date: 2/25/2023

Time: 7PM–11PM

Location: Minneapolis Gallery - 2928 Lyndale Ave S. 

Featuring: 50+ Writers & Street Artists, Live Music, Groe Drop, & 20% Off Paint!






"Mothership Glass"

Date: 12/3/2022


GA: 7PM–10PM

Location: Minneapolis Gallery - 2928 Lyndale Ave S. 

Glass Artist: Mothership Glass

Visual Artist: Zach Julen, About One, Deuce Seven



"THC Festival"

Date: 11/12/2022 1PM–7PM

Location: Minneapolis Cider Co  




Date: 10/28/2022 6PM–10PM

Location: Minneapolis Gallery - 2928 Lyndale Ave S. 

Glass Artist: Slick Rick x Dynamic

Visual Artist: Zach Julen, About One, Deuce Seven



"Millie Dojo"

Date: 09/30/2022 VIP5–7PM GA 7PM–10PM

Location: Minneapolis Gallery - 2928 Lyndale Ave S. 

Glass Artist: Disk x Azul x Tk Happa 

Visual Artist: Cole Jenkins




"Summer Slurpn' III"

Date: 08/19/2022

Location: Minneapolis Gallery - 2928 Lyndale Ave S. 

Glass Artist: JP Toro & Friends

Visual Artist: Repo & Impeach

Any Available Show Work Here!



"Over Baked"

Date: 07/10/2022

Location: Minneapolis Gallery - 2928 Lyndale Ave S. 

Glass Artist: Renz Craft

Visual Artist: Barret Lee

Any Available Show Work Here!



"Gems, Sprites, & Friends"

Date: 06/10/2022

Location: Minneapolis Gallery - 2928 Lyndale Ave S. 

Glass Artist: Northern Waters x Carwash

Visual Artist: Sig Natur

 Any Available Show Work Here!




Date: 05/28/2022

Time: 7-11 PM

Location: Minneapolis Gallery - 2928 Lyndale Ave S. 

Glass Artist: AKM

 Any Available Show Work Here!




"Undiscovered Specimens"

Date: 04/23/2022

Glass Artist: Brandon Martin

Visual Artist: Eli Libson

Any Available Show Work Here!


"Blooming Chappies"

Date: 03/26/2022

Glass Artist: Aquariust

Visual Artist: Yogu x Pyroscopic

Any Available Show Work Here!

"20 Odd Years"

Date: 02/16/2022

Glass Artist: Groe

Visual Artist: Groe

Any Available Show Work Here!

"All Duluth" Glass Art Gallery Show in Duluth

Date: 02/12/2022

Glass Artist: Michael Ray, Sammy Flowers, Mythic Glass, Mago, Gram Master Jay, Dan Neff, Jes Durfee, Evolve Glass Art, EFS glass, Annakas.Glass, Tis But a Scratch, Joe, Fozz, Enigma,  Daniel Corich, Jake in the Bocks, Cryptic Glass, Quasiboro, Anthony

Visual Artist: Carla Hamilton, Rikki, Jonathan Thunder, Okie, Rose One, Nex Arts

Music: New Salty Dog, Northwood Beats, Kozzy and Weirdo the Spartan

Any Available Show Work Here!

"Bottle Gang"

Date: 01/22/2022

Glass Artist: Earl Jr.

Visual Artist: Trace

Any Available Show Work Here!



"Minneapolis 5 Year Bash"

Date: 12/18/2021

Glass Artist: Ksukebey, Delong, Notapipemaker, Punty, Sakibomb, Laceface

Visual Artist: Therd, Shoe, Payer (Aliens), Btal, and Arielle Romano

Any Available Show Work Here!



"The Merge"

Date: 11/20/2021

Glass Artist: Matt A

Visual Artist: Ally Grimm, Benjamim Wuest, and Taylor Nelson

Any Available Show Work Here!




"CBD Cup II"

Date: 11/7/2021



"Split Personality"

Date: 10/16/2021

Glass Artist: Jfell x BMFT

Visual Artist: About One x Tryst Trigger

Any Available Show Work Here!



"NC goes MN"

Date: 9/17/2021

Glass Artist: Blue Soldier

Any Available Show Work Here!



"Summer Slurpn' II"

Date: 8/28/2021

Glass Artist: JP Toro, Elbo, Disk, Yoshinori Kondo, Aquariust, N8 Miers, Jfell, Banjo, Tron, Universe Gateson, Brandon Martin, Ryno, AKM, RJ, AAA, Groe, Bluejay, Tfunk, Zach P, Digger, Boehme, Conversion, Akio, Millennium, Trevs Glass, Artist Stylie, Scomo Moanet, Pakoh, Slick Rick, Teurfs, Freeek, Congruent Creations, Dynamic, Jake C, Eusheen, Mike Shelbo, Keys, Mars, Northern Waters, Renz Craft, Ksukebey, Nerv, Saiyan, Johnny Depth, Delong, Darby, Snic, Rye, Kushy, Shabbadoo, Jmass, Crowman, Blueberry, Bunk, Andy G, Sibelley, Royal, Kaj Beck, Ksick, Hermit, Babedrienne, Spiller Woods, Nic Glasstro, Hardman, Spiggity, Jolex, Kobuki, Shipley, Ted Wilber, Dan Apples, Abigail Castagnaro, Windstar, GPS, Master Geppetto, Karma, Trapper, Cha, Ray Mondy, Obe, Technicks, JH, Rickdiculous, EF Norris, Kurt B, Mike Luna, Strobel, Nathan Middleton, Fat Pinky, Home Alone, Noah Stayl, Blue Jay, Carwash

Any Available Show Work Here!



"710 2021"

Date: 7/10/2021

Glass Artist: Tron x Haaps x Congruent Creations

Visual Artist: Tanner Palmer

Any Available Show Work Here!



"Far Gone"

Date: 6/26/2021

Glass Artist: Rye

Visual Artist: Tryst Trigger

Any Available Show Work Here!



"Peak Pro Top Show"

Date: 5/29/2021

Glass Artist: Puff Co,  RJ, EF Norris, Mr Gray, Nerv, Aquariust, Swanny, Scomo Moanet, Northern Waters, Trapper, Skimask, Digger, Bishop, Pakoh, Scolari, Brandon Martin, Salt, Chadd Lacy, Windstar, Joachim, Ryan Fitt, Cha, Coyle, Slick Rick

Any Available Show Work Here!



"Porcelain Dolls"

Date: 4/20/2021

Glass Artist: Peter Muller x Kurt B

Visual Artist: Wundr

Any Available Show Work Here!



"Duluth 420 2021"

Date: 4/20/2021

Any Available Show Work Here!



"King Of The Jungle"

Date: 2/26/2021

Glass Artist: Pinky Brewtz

Visual Artist: Sig

Any Available Show Work Here!




Date: 1/23/2021

Glass Artist: Zach P

Visual Artist: Eli Libson

Any Available Show Work Here!




"Minneapolis 4 Year"

Date: 12/12/2020

Glass Artist: GPS, Karma, Captncronic, Cha, BMFT, Brandon Martin, Hoobs

Visual Artist: Abrooks

Any Available Show Work Here!




"Mille Masters"

Date: 11/7/2020

Glass Artist: Strobel, Middleton, Boehme

Visual Artist: Daren Hill

Any Available Show Work Here!




"Decade in Duluth"

Date: 9/26/2020

Glass Artist: Salt, Freeek, Brandon Martin, E.Ross 4.0, Crux, Northern Waters, Groe, Andy G, Sammy Flowers, Sloth

Visual Artist: Rose One

Any Available Show Work Here!




"Summer Slurpn'"

Date: 8/29/2020

Glass Artist: Joe Peters, AKM, Gateson, RJ, GPS, AAA, Haaps, Scomo Moanet, Big Z, Chunk, Adam Reetz, Calm, Salt, Ryno, Crux, Karma, Vela G, Jerry Kelly, Brandon Martin, Peter Muller, Groe, Aquariust, Certo, BMFT, Pinky Brewtz, Darby, Shelbo, Coyle, Phil Siegel, Cap'n, KGB, Voorhees, Rye, Renz Craft, Kurt B, Kevin Murray, Blue, Ease, Jebb, Quasar, Congruent Creations, Chad G, 2 Stroke, Steve Sizelove, Kaj Beck, Eusheen, JFell, Yoshi Kondo, Carwash, R3G15, Lyons

Visual Artist: Jordan Oliver, Anton Horishnyk

Any Available Show Work Here!




"710 2020"

Date: 7/10/2020

Glass Artist: Steve Sizelove, Cameron Burns, DeLong, Groe, Andy G, Kilo, Renz Craft, Michael Ray, Johnnydepth, Third Eye Pinecones

Visual Artist: Biafra, Black Daze

Any Available Show Work Here!




"420 2020"

Date: 4/20/2020

Glass Artist: Trevy Metal, Yoshi Kondo, Jerry Kelly, Chad G , Trapper, Digger, Blossom

Any Available Show Work Here!




"Pedagogical Evolutions"

Date: 2/29/2020

Glass Artist: Rick Schneider, AKM, 2 Stroke, Freeek, Congruent Creations, Dan Getz, Fat Pinky

Visual Artist: JP Flexner

Any Available Show Work Here!




"Minnesota Minitubes"

Date: 1/31/2020

Glass Artist: AAA, Alex K, Alex Schmalex, Blue Jay, Boro Ben , Brandon Martin, Cameron Ulmer, Car Wash Glass, Cha, Chauncey, Cherry Glass, Claymor Glass, Congruent Creations , Cult Leader, Derrick Hostetler, DP, Dynamic, El Roy, Firekist, Friendly Fire, G. Askew, Gabe Renz, Gin Crescentii, Groe, Higher Concentration, Howl Glass, JKO Glass, Johnnydepth, Jordan Hamilton, Julian, Lievano, KSick, Mago Glass, Matt A, Michael Ray, Mythic Glass, Nevacereza, Nikki Sperry, Ray Mondy, RepoMN, Rickdiculous1, Sammy Flowers, Scotty G, Shabbadoo, Slick Rick, Sloth, Spiggity , Ted Wilber, The Doq, Tornado, Ty Prat, Todd Cameron

Visual Artist: KnewOne86, Kater, Caves, Cybin, Flora, Lil Wednesday, Philly the Kid, Pets, Repo, Gregory Ganales, Daesk, Jake Gamache, Hailey Erato, Max 315, Kiyote, Limpio, Daren Hill, Black Daze, UV Leaf , Biafra, Wundr, Sheva, Impeach, Tanner Palmer, Sig, Chuck Hues, Eva Skellie, Qzar, Ral86, River, Hope4, Yuya, Tryst Trigger, Dantes Dots, Deified, Allison Anne, CYFI, Evan underverba, Boxy, Mouse, St Paul Slim, Tara Robinson, Stefanie Schmid, thatdankskaterprincess, Millicent Hoko, Jessica Meeks, Dan Wieken, Meg, Stefanie Schmid, x.deified.x , Lucas Zimmer, Much

Any Available Show Work Here!






"Minneapolis 3 Year"

Date: 12/19/2019

Glass Artist: Kaj Beck, Ryno, Groe, Chadd Lacy, Mr. Voorhees, Dynamic, Niko Cray, Boom Felazi

Visual Artist: Groe, Therd, Mr. Voorhees

Any Available Show Work Here!




"An Art Project"

Date: 11/16/2019

Glass Artist: Salt x Brandon Martin

Visual Artist: Black Daze

Any Available Show Work Here!



"CBD Cup"

Date: 10/19/2019




"Cheers to Nine Years"

Date: 10/5/2019

Glass Artist: E. Ross 4.0, Groe, Congruent Creations, Northern Waters Glass, Gabe Renz, Derek Hostetler

Music: Northwood Beats, Moder, Jsmooth, Fenestra Funk




"Girls Kick Glass"

Date: 9/28/2019

Glass Artist: SakiBomb, Emily Marie, Boots, Dellene Peralta, Ishtar, Cool Hand Suuze, Tammy Baller, Juju, Zii, Swamp Glass, Sarita, Prairie, Jill Braun, Car Wash, Funk Queen, Windstar, Katalytic, Torchress, Jem, Sibelley, Blossom, Desiree Holla Glass, Fiona Phoenix Fire, Liz Wright, El New Glass, Erin Cartee, Haha Glass, DellaLuna Glass, Aspen Slaughter, Kathy Teriyaki, Christina Cody, Trapper, Julie Riggs Glass, Glass by Yani, Nikki Sperry, Gretchen Askew, Emily McBride, Bad Ash Glass, Keli Hues, Emily Bartelet, Mia Shea, Lisa's Pieces, Marni Schnapper, OCD Glass, Danielle Guthrie, Ryan Bennett (Cherry Glass), Azusa, DevaDita, Gin Crescentii, Jen Koecher, Erin Bourguignon, Holly B Glass, Boro Ballers

Visual Artist: Tryst Trigger, Eva Skellie, Tara Robinson, Flora, Sig, Lady Sheva, Lil Wednesday, Hayley Erato, Sheridan McGuire, Terra Siena (Dusted Marrow)

Any Available Show Work Here!




"Great MN Melt Together"

Date: 8/16/2019–8/25/2019

Glass Artist: Eric Ross (4.0 Glass), Gin Crescentii, Todd Cameron, Groe, Andy G, Gabe Renz, Cherry, Jill Braun, Nevekereza, Clayton S, Braunch, Gnar, Alex Ksick, Miguel




"LynLake Street Art Series V2"

Date: 7/13/2019

Spray Artist: Max 315, Therd, EMORK, Groe, Biafra, Yuya, Wundr, Flora, Black Daze, Kiyote, Knew-One86, Daren Hill, Erode, Lewps, Shock, Pets, CYFI, RYOE, Caves, Each2, Tryst Trigger, Reggie LeFlore (RAL86), Sheva, United Crushers, Ksra, TheyDrift, Taylor Berman, Stalk, Qzar, Much, River TCI, Wes Winship, Cybin, DAESK




"Waggin' Tails"

Date: 7/10/2019

Glass Artist: Eric Ross, Brandon Martin, Gabe Renz, Crux Glass, Sammy Flowers, Dynamic Glass, Boro Ben, Swanny, Slick Rick, Congruent Creations, Ted Wilber, CarWash Glass, Alex Schmalex, Andy G, Michael Ray, Ray Mondy





Date: 5/11/2019

Glass Artist: Elbo

Visual Artist: Yuya

Any Available Show Work Here!




"420 Fun Fair 2019"

Date: 4/20/2019

Glass Artist: Aquarist, Adam Reetz, Certo, Rycrafted, Steve Sizelove, AAA

Visual Artist: Ben Hanke, Max 315, Caves, Nell Triggs




"Flippin' out with Freeek"

Date: 3/9/2019

Glass Artist: Freeek

Visual Artist: Phillythekid

Any Available Show Work Here!





Date: 1/26/2019

Glass Artist: Cha

Visual Artist: Mpeach, EdBox, Forgive, Repo

Any Available Show Work Here!






"Minneapolis 2 Year"

Date: 12/15/2018

Glass Artist: Joe Peters, Salt, Lyons, Bluegrass, RJ, Eric Ross 4.0, Glassmaze, Brandon Martin, Groe

Visual Artist: Rogue Citizen





Date: 10/27/2018

Glass Artist: Peter Muller

Visual Artist: Lil Wednesday




"Spoon Show"

Date: 9/29/2018

Glass Artist: Elbo, Salt, Rye, Lyons, Certo, Ease, Brandon Martin, Cha, Eross, Natey Love, Crux, Boroben, Nathan Belmont, Maka B, Crunklestein, Slinger, Ryan Mccluer, Jfell, Talon, Vela G, Freeek, Steve Sizelove, EF Norris, Boots, Prairie Pipes, Chad G, Matty White, Tyme, Josh Ford, Raj, Carsten Carllie, Hops, Adam Reetz, Kurt B, Danny White, Hefe, N3rd, Mr Gray, Northern Waters, Piper Dan, Chunk, Liberty, JOP, Chris Carlson, GPS, KGB, Aquariust, TK Happa, Jmass, Rocko, Lekseno, RyCrafted, Groe, Ray Mondy, AAA, Kinnicknick, Domino, Casto, Scoz, Joachim, WyomingMOFO, Casta, Swanny, Crowman, Congruent, Krakenz, ESP, DC Colton, Royal, Bearclaw, Erik Anders, JP Cicero, Kenan Tiemeyer, Antony Rigles, Hamms, Todd Cameron, Dellene Peralta, D-Wreck, Firekist, Cherry glass, Alex Schmalex, Zach P, JD Maplesden, Alex K, Cadoo, Dynamic, Blossom, Blue Soldier, White Monkey, Vigil Glass, Bear Mountain, Torchress, Sunsi, STF, Aric Bovie, Skimask, Ted Wilber, Burtoni, Andy G

Visual Artist: Nicholas Voltaggio, Gregory Ganeles, Tanner Palmer, Delao, Gabriel M. Fischer, Emearld Hulsing




"Duluth 8 Year"

Date: 9/15/2018

Glass Artist: Chad G, Sherbet, Jeff Green

Visual Artist: Drake Arnold




"We Be Sprayin"

Date: 6/16/2018

Visual Artist: Voorhees(VRHS), Lekseno, Ryoe, Karl73, Therd, Mente, Groe, Wundr, Biafra, and many more!! 





Date: 5/19/2018

Glass Artist: Steve Sizelove

Visual Artist: Tryst Trigger




"Duluth 420 2018"

Date: 4/20/2018

Glass Artist: Sammy Flowers x Sloth




"Minneapolis 420 2018"

Date: 4/20/2018

Glass Artist: JD Maplesden

Visual Artist: Groe




"Micro's Workshop"

Date: 3/24/2018

Glass Artist: Micro

Visual Artist: Boxy Mouse




"If the Cap Fits.."

Date: 2/17/2018

Glass Artist: 100+

Visual Artist: Flora






"One Year Minneapolis"

Date: 12/16/2017

Glass Artist: Cha, Brandon Martin, Eross 4.0, Calm, Akio, Vela G, Steve Sizelove, Harold Cooney, Bluegrass, Capn' Crunk, Freeek, Certo, Jameson, Boro Ben, Piper Dan, Groe, Matt A, Sammy Flowers, Dynamic Glass, Andy G, Joe Morrison ,Boro Ballers, Glass Bros, DLM, Ted Wilber

Visual Artist: Greta Claire, Therd, Flora, Ryoe James, UV Leaf, Groe, Nell Triggs, Max315, Jason Wasyk, Biafra, Curly Jay, Static




"Citrus Splash"

Date: 11/17/2017

Glass Artist: Certo x Lyons

Visual Artist: Jason Wasyk




"Duluth Seven Year"

Date: 10/14/2017

Glass Artist: Glassbros, Sammy Flowers, Cult Leader, Sloth, Congruent Creations, Smoove, Michael Ray, Freeek, Sizelove, Crunk




"Piper's Skylines"

Date: 10/7/2017

Glass Artist: Piper Dan




"Peep it"

Date: 9/23/2017

Glass Artist: Calm

Visual Artist: Max315




"Retti or Not"

Date: 8/26/2017

Glass Artist: Crux




"710 2017"

Date: 7/10/2017

Glass Artist: Boro Ben




"Glass Pipe Show"

Date: 7/01/2017

Glass Artist: Bishop, Jameson, Vela G




"The Cap'n is Coming!"

Date: 4/20/2017

Glass Artist: Crunklestein




"Spring Blowout Block Party"

Date: 4/20/2017




"Minneapolis Grand Opening"

Date: 2/11/2017

Glass Artist: Eross x Brandon Martin x Freeek

Visual Artist: Groe, Ryoe, Jason Wasyk, Biafra, Greta Claire, Max315




"Six Year Anniversary Bash!"

Date: 9/24/2016

Glass Artist: Joe Morrison, Sammy Flowers, Graham Nelson, Frankenstein Glass, Michael Ray, Alex Schmalex, Pat McClain, Boro Ballers and Sloth

Music: Silly, Seym0ur, Suzy Q, AJ Plex, JamesG, De Se, C-Silence, Jaze, Kat, Nonfic, and CRAM


"Spring Blowout!"

Date: 4/20/2016

Glass Artist: Sloth, DP, Crux, Cherry Glass, Kayla Om, Northern Groove, Sammy Flowers, and Cha Glass

Music: DJ Just Nick, A. Rep, Rick Mclean, Dj Path Annu, Tomah, Duluth Hip-Hop Family, Minnesotabuick, Corey McCauley, Black River Revue, Starling of Athens, Social Animals Duo, and Charlie Parr




"5 Year Anniversary"

Date: 9/26/2015

Glass Artist: Sloth, Matt A, Higher Concentration, Ted Wilber, Pat McLain, Sammy Flowers

Music: DJ Delgado, Legitimit, Jaze, Strictly Hammers, Lo-Hi funk, Rooftop Fable, Bliss, SOTFPORECORN, Willie Diction, Mike Shank, MaLLy, and St. Paul Slim 




"Spring Blowout"

Date: 4/19/2014

Glass Artist: Antony Rigles, Sloth, DP, Muph and Jes Durfee

Music: DJ A.D., Back Porch Musik, Lyrik G , BeastHead, The Farsights, Trinh and Amos, Jaze and Bliss, Low Hi Funk, Mike Shank of Sector7G, Felix of Heriuspecs and Kanser




"Grand ReOpening / 3 Year Bash"

Date: 10/19/2013

Glass Artist: Sloth, Andy G, Odd Thomas, Louis N LaPierre, Julian Lieavno, and Misha

Music: DJ Beaks, New Era with Backporch Music, T. Dack, Darcell, DIP, Suzy Q, Legitimit, Nonfic, Muja Messiah, Kristoff Krane, St. Paul Slim, and Carnage


"4/20 Blowout!"

Date: 4/20/2013

Glass Artist: Sloth x Woohab

Music: DJ Dyami Quast, DJ Beaks, Plague of Sharks, Corey Mcauley, Rhymes Anonymous, T. Dack, Gallus, Jaze, Crunchy Bunch, Bliss, Strictly Hammers, Audio Perm, and Haphduzn




"4/20 Blowout Bash!"

Date: 4/20/2012

Glass Artist: Sloth, Ben Nelson (Muph), Jes Durfe, Louis LaPierre, DP and Sammy Flowers

Music: Messy Mirrors, T.Dack, Kyle Scherz, Plague of Sharks, I,The Sky, Stinko, Electric Graveyard Afterlife, Jaze, The Mammoth with I.ONE, The Moon is Down, Ackronem, Garvin Strictly Hammers, Bliss & Sitter and Kristoff Krane




"One Year Anniversary"

Date: 9/24/2011

Glass Artist: Sloth, Dan Neff, Ben Nelson and Jes Durfee

Music: DJ Beaks, Crunchy Bunch, Rhymes Anonymous, Fearless Moral Inventory, Sarah Starkey, Legitimit, Kritical Kontact, Dri, Kyle Ollah, The Good Colonels & Bliss & Sitter


"420 Blowout"

Date: 4/20/2011

Music: Crunchy Bunch, DJ After Death, Remote Viewfinder, J. Peach, Kenesis, The Tico Three, Legitimit, The Good Colonels, Pennies for a Dime, and House of Doughnuts!




"Grand Opening"

Date: 9/25/2010

Music: Eyedea, Sector7G, Kritical Kontact, J.Peach, Mikey Talented, Sh*t, Daytime TV, Mild Discomfort and Sarah Starkey


 Other Past Events


April 8, 2017  Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, "Agenda" and "Glassfitti"

March 11, 2017  Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Arts Show

Sept 3, 2016 Location: Duluth, Minnesota, Event: Vending at Super Big Block Party 2 w/ Dessa, Grieves, Low
July 20-24, 2016 Location: Walker, Minnesota, Event: Vending at Moondance Jam 2016
July 9, 2016 Location: Bayfront Park, Duluth, Event: Vending at Trampled by Turtles 
June 16-9, 2016 Location: Walker, Minnesota, Event: Vending at Moondance Jammin Country 2016
May 6-7, 2016 Homegrown Music Festival @ Legacy:
Strictly Hammers, Seym0ur, JamesG, Danecdote, Jaze & Delgado
and Eddiedition
July 15-19, 2015 Location: Walker, Minnesota Event: Vending at Moondance Jam 2015
June 18-21, 2015 Location: Walker, Minnesota Event: Vending at Moondance Jammin Country 2015
May 1-2, 2015 Homegrown Music Festival @ Legacy
Rick McLean The Moon is Down The Fabulous D- Bags NonFic Steven Gold DJ Delgado
4/20/15 420 BLOWOUT!
12 Hours of Live Glassblowing! Cherry Glass EFS Sloth
12 Hours of Live Music! Nathan Holte DJ AD John Taytem with DJ Thorough Plague of Sharks Medicate Superfly McFlash Corey McCauley Minnesotabuick PaperParlor Strictly Hammers and Jaze Rejects
1/17/2014 Homegrown Winter Fiascoo: The Getarounds Jacob Swason The Farisights
11/30/2013 November Concert and Pipe Raffle Beasthead Crunchy Bunch Darcell Average Joseph
8/28/2013 August Concert and Pipe Raffle Darcell w/ J-Spex Nick Vicious Michron
Aug. 9-11 2013 Location: Sommerset, WI Event: Vending at Summer Set Music Festival 2013
7/27/2013 July Concert and Pipe raffle: Garvin MC 1980 A Lot DJ LG DIP Ackronem Midi-Vil
July 17- 21 2013 Location: Walker, MN Event: Vending at Moondance Jam 2013
6/29/2013 Location: Bayfront Park Event: Vending at Trampled by Turtles and Atmoshere
6/28/2013 June Concert and Pipe Raffle Rez Rap, Eddiedition, Boyz in the Woodz, Hosted by Jaze
June 20-22, 2013 Location: Walker, Minnesota Event: Vending at Moondance Country 2013
5/30/2013 May Concert and Pipe raffle: Japanese Game Show (Wichita, Kansas) The Travel Guide (Wichita, Kansas) The Horror Phillip of Nazareth.
May 3-4, 2013: Homegrown Music Festival @Legacy: Manheat Legitimit La Foret Malec Good Knight Nonfic & Danecdote Kyle Scherz Band
3/28/2013 March Concert and Pipe raffle: Doc Hyde Suicide Minds Nonfiction Common Labor Thadi P. Channel 1 Cash
2/28/2013 February Concert and Pipe raffle: Dada Trash Collage drOHM maintenance free Timmy Jack's off
1/25/2013 January Concert and Pipe raffle: Spawn and DJ Stage One (formerly of Atmosphere) Emcee Edge D.I.P. CMJ Zac HB Dem Atlas Kuley Tyler Nelson Ray The Wolf of Equal Xchange
12/21/2012 End of the World Pipe Raffle Show: Jon Bondy Kalyn Youndblom w/ K&Krew Corey McCauley
11/30/2012 November Concert and Pipe raffle: Tin Can Gin The Adjustments Phyl Wickham and Friends Corey McCauley
8/29/2012 August Concert and Pipe raffle: Kristoff Krane Strictly Hammers Tyler Nelson Superfluous Glowshoes DIP The Mammoth Christopher Michael Jensen
Aug 24-26, 2012 Location: Somerset, Wisconsin Event: Vending at Summer Set Music Festival with Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic, Most Def & Talib Kweli, Umphrey's McGee and more.
July 18-21, 2012 Location: Walker, Minnesota Event: Vending at Moondance Jam 2012
July 7-8, 2012 Location: Bayfront Park, Duluth. Event: Vending at The Jayhawks and Trampled by Turtles
June 21-23, 2012 Location: Walker, Minnesota Event: Vending at Moondance Jamin' Country 2012
6/5/2012 June Concert and Pipe Raffle: Tez Nonfiction Ant Jonez
7/1/2012 Location: Bayfront Park, Duluth. Event: Vending at Wilco
5/17/2012 May Concert and Pipe Raffle: The No Boundaries Tour 2012 w/ Devilz Speciez Emcee Edge Jaze WillieDiction
May 4-5, 2012 Homegrown Music Festival @ Legacy DJ Bob Monahan & MC Auntie Flow Kathy McTavish Kritical Kontact Bobby Phisher Ambrose & Nickle Nelly Mr. Kickass Peer Precious Fours
3/29/2012 March Pipe Raffle Show: Chris Melrose Art School Girls Fresh Squeeze Audio Perm on the 1s and 2s
3/3/2012 Headbang Against Hate 2012: Fearless Moral Inventory Assbrigade Strictly Hammers
3/2/2012 The Northern Lights Art Show: Evan Unverdornrben (paint) Brett Grandson (photo) Music by Corey McCauley
1/31/2012 January Pipe Raffle Show: Bliss &; Sitter 3 Song Sunday Kyle Scherz Joshua Grose
12/29/2011 December Pipe Raffle Show: Stricktly Hammers Ant Jonez Nonfiction WillieDiction Legitimit Hosted by Bliss and Jaze
11/30/2011 November Pipe Raffle Show: Matt Ray and Those Damn Horses Tin Can Gin & Ghosts of Swinetown.
10/29/2011 "Styles for Miles" art show & Oct. Pipe Raffle Art by: Alamo Aqua Each2 Groe Hope4 & River Music by: Austin Dufaux & Howlin Andy
8/26/2011 August Pipe Raffle Show: Ecid, Leif (Kolt), Strictly Hammers, Jim Shusterich, Hosted by Jaze
8/6/2011 Vending at Willie Nelson and Trampled by Turtles at Bayfront, Duluth.
7/26/2011 July Pipe Raffle Show: Ken Mode (Winnipeg), Ty Cobb & KeyPortal
July 13-17, 2011 Vending at Moondance Jam in Walker, MN
7/9/2011 Vending at Twin Ports Bridge Festival w/ Michael Franti & Spearhead and Cloud Cult
6/30/2011 June Concert and Pipe Raffle: Tez Shatto Texxas Loc Da Realist Rhymes Anonymous DJ Risky Fingers.
June 22- 25, 2011 Vending at Moondance Jammin' Country in Walker, MN
6/1/2011 May Concert and Pipe Raffle: Two Many Banjos Sitter Yester Fearless Moral Inventory,
3/31/2011 March Concert and Pipe Raffle: Charlie Parr Kyle Sitter Sarah Starkey
March 18-19, 2011 Vending at Pow Wow in the Pines Indianhead Resort, MI
3/11/2011 Hot New Mexicans (Athens, GA) Landlord (Bloomington, IN) Peer Precious & Hard Feelings
2/28/2011 February Concert & Pipe Raffle: Iron Range Outlaw Brigade The Heehaa Hoohaa
1/31/2011 January Concert and Pipe Raffle: Bliss Legitimit C-Silence Rhymes Anonymous
1/16/2011 Eine Kleine Chinmuzik Blood Eagle Phillip of Nazareth
12/29/2010 December Concert and Pipe Raffle: Yester Four's I've Seen you Drunk Kirsty Marie
12/7/2010 Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children Macnuggits (Oakland, CA) Indulge Hard Feelings The Hootenannies
11/30/2010 November Concert and Pipe Raffle House of Doughnuts Sarah Starkey Yester Ashley Northey
10/15/2010 A night of hip-hop Featuring Sector7G, Kritical Kontact and David Mars
July 29- Aug 1, 2010 Location: Black River Falls Wisconsin Event: Vending at Grateful Garcia Gathering 2010
July 14-18, 2010 Location: Walker, Minnesota Event: Vending at Moondance Jam 2010
June 16-19, 2010 Location: Walker, Minnesota Event: Vending at Moondance Jamin' Country 2010
July 22-25, 2009 Location: Detroit Lakes, Minnesota Event: Vending at Ten Thousand Lakes Festival